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This is an amazing interview that shows what you can do if you put your mind to the minimal life style. Roxie lives out of her Montero SUV 4×4 and has been living out of various cars for the last 12 years. She is an professional organizer and puts those skills to good use living out of such a small space. You will notice she has a 4×4 vehicle and this is because she prefers living in more remote and wild areas. Mountain climbing, hiking and being in nature is her preference.

She has designed a very mobile set up and even refers to her “home” as being 3 stories. While many people live the nomadic life style in vans or RVs, other vehicles are also successfully used. The thing to appreciate is that most have done this by choice and not because they have to. Freedom is defined individually and for some “Less stuff equals more freedom.”

Sometimes things go in a direction that you didn’t expect. This is what happened in my case. I was originally looking at cargo vans and steering clear of any passenger vans because I was putting more weight on stealth than anything else. But… my dad really liked conversion vans. At first this didn’t appeal to me. We did however, look at some smaller passenger vans, specifically Chevy Astros and GMC Safaris but decided they were to small for our needs. My dad then found and purchased a 1995 Chevy conversion van and after driving it I was impressed and so became a little more receptive to them.

A few months later I stumbled across a conversion van myself and the price was right so I got it. This video gives a little background on how this came about. I now think that these older conversion van are a great entry level vehicle for those thinking about getting something for travel or living out of. The main thing is they are very reasonably priced and can be found easily. Removing the second row of seats opens things up real good for some extra space. The back bench makes into a bed and if you like that it can be used. Many, myself included, remove the back bench and build a more comfortable bed with storage underneath.

Issac and Kristen have a lot of experience living on the road out of their Van. In this episode they show us how to make a quick and tasty meal on the cheap. Notice their choice of cookware and stove, compact and of good quality. I also like the cargo rack they are cooking on at the back of their van. These plug into your towing receiver and have many uses. A lot of van travelers use this to increase storage capacity while on the road. Great for bicycles or even a small motorcycle if you need them. 

Issac and Kristen have a lot of videos about their travels and road experience. Many great tips and ideas can be seen if you go to their channel. We will be featuring more from them in the future……..

Dan has a really cool travel van that he designed and built himself. But Dan sees his van as more than just a vehicle. He talks a little about his philosophy not only on travel but also on life in this video interview. His platform is a Ford long based cargo van that looks rather simple from the outside but is well laid out on the inside. A first class kitchen area, double bed, bench area, closed circuit TV, ham radio, professional med packs and a host of other amenities that allude to his sea fairing background. If you get a chance I would suggest you check out his channel for some great ideas to incorporate in your own stealth van build.

Derrick and Paula from Canada are spending their time traveling from coast to coast in the country they live using their Dodge class B camper van. This video includes their unexpected experience with the northern lights. They prove that even couples can spend extended periods of time traveling in a van and do so even in the most harsh of conditions. They support themselves by working online while traveling with the goal of buying their own land with the money they save living this life style.


A step up from your standard van that is converted into a camper van or a bug out van is a class B rv. Many van dwellers wind up getting one of these which are factory built on standard van chassis that have been lengthened and sometimes widened. These are actually small rvs and are quite nice. They contain everything for living including dinette, kitchen, bathroom, shower, sleeping quarters heating, cooling, on-board generator and are completely self contained with grey water tank and black water tank. Standard class B has a regular rear axle configuration with a pair of heavy duty tires whereas a wide body version will have a pair of duelies on the back.

Brand new is very expensive starting around 60k us, but if you purchase a used one prices are usually around the 20-30k range. Older ones can be found for even less. Operating and maintenance cost are higher  but you have all the modern conveniences you are used to in your home. Class Bs are around 19-21 ft. long and are very mobile and can park in average size parking spaces. Fuel economy is less than a regular van but not as low as a class C or A rv. One minor negative is they have less storage capacity when compared to a class C or A rv.

In this video Eric has a very popular and well made Dodge class B Coach House model.  Various versions of this made over the years are the RoadTek, PleasureWay, Xplorer and a couple of others I can’t recall at this time. I would love to have one of these one day but for the time being I am happy with my regular custom camper van.

Dan recorded a trip to Devils Tower Wyoming that he made in his stealth van.  He did a great job of catching the magnificence of this natural formation. This is the formation that was featured in the famous UFO movie Close Encounters. Dan himself even mentions it in his vid!

Dan has an awesome Van that he built as a stealth van. If you don’t know what that is I will be featuring his van in another post. He also likes to cook so he did a little more designing on his kitchen area than most and you will enjoy that also. Dan travels for weeks on end in his van and is as comfortable stealth parking in the city as he is in bugging out in the wilderness. But his main goal is to travel and experience things.

This is a beautiful van build although a little spendy. A huge expense on this build was the pop top, but still nice. Pay attention how David designed his build for several functions.

Going with a passenger van as your base build has its advantages in the fact that the interior work as far as insulation, paneling, heating and cooling ducts, and lights are already factory installed. You will have to remove the benches to give you room to finish your build.

You can find these vehicles being sold by not only private parties but also schools, churches and other organizations. Generally organizations have a maintenance schedule for their car pools so even if there is high mileage the van could still be in very good shape. These can be a very affordable entry price if you are on a budget.

I have wanted to see this for a long time but it looks like I will have to wait again to actually be there firsthand, instead being satisfied with pictures and videos. This is a great video by a van dweller who can take advantage of his freedom to experience this astonishing event.

Again I am reminded how much we miss because of the day to day grind of earning a living. To top that off, many of us burden our selves down with unneeded debt that curtails our freedoms even more. As one van dweller says, “less stuff more freedom” should be our goal. No need to be a slave to any more possessions than we actually have time to enjoy.

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