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Dan has a really cool travel van that he designed and built himself. But Dan sees his van as more than just a vehicle. He talks a little about his philosophy not only on travel but also on life in this video interview. His platform is a Ford long based cargo van that looks rather simple from the outside but is well laid out on the inside. A first class kitchen area, double bed, bench area, closed circuit TV, ham radio, professional med packs and a host of other amenities that allude to his sea fairing background. If you get a chance I would suggest you check out his channel for some great ideas to incorporate in your own stealth van build.

Dan recorded a trip to Devils Tower Wyoming that he made in his stealth van.  He did a great job of catching the magnificence of this natural formation. This is the formation that was featured in the famous UFO movie Close Encounters. Dan himself even mentions it in his vid!

Dan has an awesome Van that he built as a stealth van. If you don’t know what that is I will be featuring his van in another post. He also likes to cook so he did a little more designing on his kitchen area than most and you will enjoy that also. Dan travels for weeks on end in his van and is as comfortable stealth parking in the city as he is in bugging out in the wilderness. But his main goal is to travel and experience things.

I don’t even remember how I came across this video but it is the very first one that sparked my interest in owning a van that I could camp or bug out in. What appealed to me the most was you didn’t have to spend a lot of money to get started and most of us, myself included, already have a good start on the project with all of your camping equipment we have collected over the years. All we need to do is go out and grab an up-gradable used van in our price range and get started.

This can also be a fun project to be shared with the rest of the family. I don’t know many families that don’t enjoy camping and with a camper van or an adventure van you would always be ready to go on a moments notice. That brings up my next reason for being interested in this particular type of vehicle.

Where I live we have been evacuated twice do to wild-land fires. This last season we were on alert several times also. With a van set up to live out of for several days you have the perfect vehicle to leave in at a moments notice in case of mandatory evacuation orders during a natural disaster or any other unsafe event, something we are seeing more of now days. In the mean time you have a vehicle you can use for short to longer trips and as you use it more and more you will fine tune your mobile skills and what exactly you will need on board to be safe and comfortable in a time of need.

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