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Issac and Kristen have a lot of experience living on the road out of their Van. In this episode they show us how to make a quick and tasty meal on the cheap. Notice their choice of cookware and stove, compact and of good quality. I also like the cargo rack they are cooking on at the back of their van. These plug into your towing receiver and have many uses. A lot of van travelers use this to increase storage capacity while on the road. Great for bicycles or even a small motorcycle if you need them. 

Issac and Kristen have a lot of videos about their travels and road experience. Many great tips and ideas can be seen if you go to their channel. We will be featuring more from them in the future……..

I have wanted to see this for a long time but it looks like I will have to wait again to actually be there firsthand, instead being satisfied with pictures and videos. This is a great video by a van dweller who can take advantage of his freedom to experience this astonishing event.

Again I am reminded how much we miss because of the day to day grind of earning a living. To top that off, many of us burden our selves down with unneeded debt that curtails our freedoms even more. As one van dweller says, “less stuff more freedom” should be our goal. No need to be a slave to any more possessions than we actually have time to enjoy.

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