Tour of Dodge Class B RV – Living in a Van

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A step up from your standard van that is converted into a camper van or a bug out van is a class B rv. Many van dwellers wind up getting one of these which are factory built on standard van chassis that have been lengthened and sometimes widened. These are actually small rvs and are quite nice. They contain everything for living including dinette, kitchen, bathroom, shower, sleeping quarters heating, cooling, on-board generator and are completely self contained with grey water tank and black water tank. Standard class B has a regular rear axle configuration with a pair of heavy duty tires whereas a wide body version will have a pair of duelies on the back.

Brand new is very expensive starting around 60k us, but if you purchase a used one prices are usually around the 20-30k range. Older ones can be found for even less. Operating and maintenance cost are higher  but you have all the modern conveniences you are used to in your home. Class Bs are around 19-21 ft. long and are very mobile and can park in average size parking spaces. Fuel economy is less than a regular van but not as low as a class C or A rv. One minor negative is they have less storage capacity when compared to a class C or A rv.

In this video Eric has a very popular and well made Dodge class B Coach House model.  Various versions of this made over the years are the RoadTek, PleasureWay, Xplorer and a couple of others I can’t recall at this time. I would love to have one of these one day but for the time being I am happy with my regular custom camper van.


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